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Pirates Birthday Party Ideas

Most kids can't get enough of pirates, pirate toys and pirate movies. The pirate theme lends itself quite well to birthday parties -- there are so many opportunities for dress-up and treasure-hunting!

Pirates Party Decoration Ideas
  • Make a cardboard box pirate ship: Get a refrigerator box from your local appliance store and cut off the top to make a ship. Have the birthday boy or girl help you paint and decorate the box a few days before the party. You can make a flag from an old pillowcase -- paint it with a skull and crossbones or your child's name.
  • Decorate the party table: Use rope netting and shells to create a seafaring look. You can find these at your local craft store. Sprinkle the chocolate gold coins, too.
  • Don't forget the trusty parrot: Every pirate worth his weight in salt has a parrot on his shoulder. Buy a couple stuffed ones and place them around the house or yard. You could always give them out as prizes later on.

Shiver me timbers! Decorate at your next pirate party with these swashbuckling balloons! With a scary skull and crossbones print, these balloons will add a high seas touch to your buccaneer bash.


The Pirate Pinata makes a great decoration and can be a lot of fun | Order: http://goo.gl/o3tlYY

Pirates Snack Ideas
  • Veggie sword snacks: Slice some long, thin carrots into quarters (lengthwise). Slice up some cucumbers into round slices. Slide the cucumber rounds down each carrot stick -- from the pointy end toward the fatter end. Don't forget to leave some space at the end for the handle. Give each child a little cup of veggie dip, too.
  • Deviled eggs: Make your deviled eggs as usual, but add a little paper sail on a toothpick.
  • Fish snacks: Spread a little cream cheese on a cracker. Add a couple of goldfish-shaped crackers and some alfalfa sprouts for seaweed.
  • Crocodile blood: Make ice cubes out of red fruit juice and serve them in clear cups of lemon-lime soda. As the cubes melt, they'll "bleed" into the soda.
  • Chocolate coins: You can find these at just about any party store. Drop them on the birthday table in random spots for decoration. Let the kids discover that they're really chocolates!

Pirates Birthday Cake Ideas

38pcs cupcakes standing on the white tower and round icing base diameter of 60 cm with full icing pirates decorations.


38pcs chocolate & vanilla flavor cupcakes standing on tower and round icing base diameter of 60 cm with full icing pirates decorations.


Pirates Party Favor Ideas

The best pirate party bags ever !!
Contains :
1pc Skull Sticker
1pc Pirate Pouch
1pc Skull keychains
1pc Skull Bracelet

The best pirate party bags ever !!
Contains :
1pc Treasure Map
1pc Pirate necklace
1pc Peeper
1pc Compass

Each treasure box contains :
1pc telescope
1pc magnetic chess
1pc coin pouch
1pc sticker sheet
1pc pirate necklace
1pc skull bracelet
1pc personalized treasures map.

Pirates Games Ideas
  • Walk the plank. A pirate party surely isn't complete without a traditional walking of the plank. You can set this up in the backyard or in a room with carpeting. Get a long piece of wood (a 2-by-4) and some smaller blocks to put under each end. The blocks only need be a couple of inches high -- you don't want anyone to get hurt. Nail the blocks to each end of the plank and one in the middle for stability.Place the plank on a blue sheet (to mimic water), and lay out some cheap rubber alligators and crocodiles. Blindfold each child and, one by one, have them "walk the plank"!
  • Treasure hunt. Hide a "treasure" somewhere on your property. Fill it with small gifts and trinkets. Then, write a series of notes on parchment paper. Each note contains a clue, which will send them to another location with another clue … and so on and so on, until the treasure is discovered!

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